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Friday, October 23, 2015

Cruising through the world’s blue

Going on a cruise can be a really great time or an awful one, there seems to be no grey area. But whether one likes it or not is affected by many different parameters that all combined come up with the end result. No-one can be for certain they’ll like a cruise or hate it, but there are boxes on a list, anyone should tick before deciding to cruise through the world’s blue.

First thing you need to decide is where you want to go. What’s the first place that pops into your head? The Caribbean? The Greek Islands? Whatever you think first, that’s the option to start searching about. Having decided on the location, you should find what’s the best period to visit. To give you an example, you probably wouldn’t want to be in Madagascar during winter, which is from June till September. Don’t book your cruise depending on your time off, but take a vacation when you is the right time for a cruise to your dream destination.

Similarly you’ll want to do an exhausting search on the available cruises in the region. Where do they take you, how long do they last and what do they offer. It’s true that almost all cruises provide full-board stay, but there are more aspects on services and amenities than food. Moreover you must also be sure of the quality of services provided, not just the quantity.

Also check what is your cabin like, what is included in the price, how many people are on board and how many crew members. This is a very important factor that will pay a pivotal role during your cruise. Last check the itinerary in detail and see where you’ll be able to stop and enjoy the local cuisine, see the sights and get a better idea of the place’s culture.

Finally one more important aspect that you can’t be sure about is the people who will travel with you. Scroll through social media and find the photos and reviews of true people, that also can give you an idea of who will you meet during your cruise. I usually choose Variety for a cruise to a place I don’t know well. They’re multiply awarded cruises make me feel sure about my choice and I love how helpful the crew is and how friendly the other travellers are. In general, the smaller the vessel, the more personalized the services and the better you get to know the people on it.

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