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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Alternate wedding photos of the Santorini Sunset

Santorini, the ultimate romantic destination and favourite Greek island for most, is uber famous for its sunset. Right before the sun tips its edges on the Aegean sea and its rays fill the Mediterranean sky with a whole new palette of colours, most people on Santorini head towards the picturesque town of Oia. There, it is said , one can witness the best sunset in Greece, in Europe and many believe in the world. Well, we don’t want to argue with all these people, but in reality you can also witness the most amazing sunset from different locations on the island, all with equal beauty and unique surroundings, making them all ideal for your wedding pictures!

Akrotiri Lighthouse

Possibly the second favourite place to witness the sunset, while on Santorini, must be the lighthouse near Akrotiri. From here you can see the full of the caldera and the volcanic islets and the colours they take at the time of the sunset; phus you get a less crowded place, with room to breathe, talk, take some photos, propose (!) or even marry your loved one! If you’re looking where to stay near-by, the honeymoon oriented, couples only Astarte Suites may be for you. It can even host your wedding reception!

Pyrgos Venetian Castle

If you ask the locals which place on Santorini offers the best view, they’ll probably answer the Venetian Castle in the historic village of Pyrgos, which used to be the capital of the island until around 1800. The castle is one of the five that remain from the Venetians, and was built somewhere in the 13th century! The fortress wasn’t located there by accident, as it offers uninterrupted views to both sides of the island, hence an unimaginable view to the sunset! Though better call the experts at marryme to help you with organizing it and maybe getting the permits (or you know, no one has to know about it).


There are countless boat and yacht services on Santorini to choose from, some sail around the island, others take you to the volcano islands and some create a custom itinerary according to what you want to do. Almost all end their day with the amazing view of the sunset. Or you could take some while on an Aegean Cruise, when the itinerary of Variety stops at the beautiful volcanic island. Depending on how much you want to splurge, you can even do this on your private yacht or sail-boat! These are some pictures everyone will be jealous of!

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