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Thursday, December 31, 2015

3 distinctively ideal locations for your own big Greek wedding

Nowadays, the choices for a wedding venue and/or for the party that will follow the marriage are limitless, and as such, the definition of what is romantic and what connects to our minds as dreamy and unique is not standard any more. And this is thrilling, I believe, since planning for a wedding never was more creative and boundless as today. Thus, let's explore together three possible, equally attractive, locations within their very own context, distinctly included in the broader context of Greece.

Starting geographically from the capital of Greece, Athens, there is no much that can be said about this legendary city. A combination of modern extreme nightlife, intense daily routine and cultural uniqueness in parallel ways. An ancient world within a contemporary context. If you are that kind of couple that you love being in the heart of the buzz, feeling the glamorous, elegant and sophisticated vibes of the city under the compelling shadow of the rock of Acropolis, then there is no other place to be. Choose the right venue for you through the marriage specialists' platform of Marryme and organise a great party to remember with your friends on the 6th floor veranda of AthensWas Hotel, in one of the most iconic neighborhoods of the ancient and modern Athens, dancing under the huge moon and drinking the... Parthenon's Glow right in front of the very own historic rock. Bonus tip, you don't need another destination for your honeymoon!

Next stop, the Peloponesse and the lately popular village of Elia at Monemvasia. The quiet and attractive port of the village has gained much attention over the last years and luxurious hotel resorts and complexes pop up like mushrooms in the area organising memorable wedding parties. Alas Resort & Spa hosts an incredible sea view veranda with unique wine and cocktail choices and, even, the ability to use a helicopter for landing to the hotel! Additionally, the image of the fishing boats sailing along, the wonderful beaches and the quaint cobbled paths leading to the inner part of Elia is compelling. There are two ideal places to host your wedding. The Aghioi Apostoloi and Aghios Nikolaos chapels on the top of Tigania beach compose an ideal setting for a wedding in a calm, liberating context, while the churches of Christ in Chains (Christos Elkomenos) and the Holy Mary, within the premises of the Town Castle of Monemvasia, will offer you unique surroundings of stone-built walls and mansions, cobbled paths and dashing arcades to remember for ever.

Last, but surely, not least, the Santorini wedding concept. An all time classic choice, as the southernmost Cycladic island of Greece is included in every list and top-ten of holiday and/or wedding destinations. Unbelievable sunsets, divine colour formations and indescribable views over the little volcanic islands consisting the Caldera of Santorini. The context shouts wedding, romance, love and holding hands but every single time exceeds your expectations. It is unique, as simple as that. Bonus tip: you don't need to find a church or anything as the luxurious breathtaking Astarte Suites host wedding ceremonies at the balcony of their suites with all the described above as background; a balcony that it is part of a sumptuous honeymoon suite already booked for the next step of the celebration.      

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