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Monday, February 17, 2014

Live Your Romance In Santorini

The volcanic island of Santorini is the ideal destination for lovebirds all around the world. Thanks to its stunning view to the vastness of the Aegean Sea and the iconic volcano located right in the middle of the deep blue body of water, as well as all that special rugged beauty, this unique Cycladic island is the perfect setting for an utterly romantic stay with your significant other.

The scenery is ideal, as if the Lord has created it only for moments immersed in love, passion and sentimental feelings. First of all you have the Caldera. A walk along these cliffs will leave you breathless. The prevailing earthy energy-the exact same that makes the deep red Vinsanto age- travels through the sea breeze exciting your senses to the maximum.

And then it’s the quaint and charming villages and settlements with the curved whitewashed houses that create a serene atmosphere, ideal for relaxing walks around the villages of Santorini. Imagine wandering around the cobbled, winding alleys of Oia or Fira, main town of the island, holding your beloved one’s warm hand.

Day or night, Santorini is always a charmer! But, if you are looking for that ideal moment to express your love or even make the great proposal, make sure you do it on the cliffs of the Caldera and right at sunset. Watching the sun slowly going down into the Aegean Sea is an experience not to be missed while in Santorini. The red-hot sun turns the sky into a palette with the rarest shades of red, orange and purple. It’s a spectacular phenomenon only to be admired in this divine Aegean Sea island. This specific moment is only enough to bound a loving couple forever, either by exchanging vows or by just expressing their love.

No wonder why thousands of people flock the island to get married, take or renew their vows promising each other eternal love.

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