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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dramatic sunset in Patmos...

When the sun sets in Patmos, real changes are evident in the air. Anyone can feel the mystery, as the atmosphere gets really vibrant and people enjoy the joyful surroundings.

The island is plunged into the orange hues of the sun warming up the monasteries located even on the highest hilltop.

The sun is ready to meet the Aegean Sea once again and welcome the night. The prevailing silence on the island makes you feel like living in another era, as you have the impression that the time has stopped; and this exact feeling starts to overwhelm you. Looking at your watch, you’ll only find out that it’s 7 o'clock. Your next though is “The winter is close enough”, and finally, the sun has sunk in the sea and the night has fallen. Patmos is converted to a mystery island you eager to explore, as most of the locals have already returned home. The geology of Patmos allows you to watch this dreamy sunset only from a few panoramic spots. However, anticipating the sunset is totally worth it. It’s always a mystery and a magical scenery kept in your mind after leaving the island of Patmos!

Source: PatmosAktis

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