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Monday, May 26, 2014

Wine-up in Santorini

Apart from its rugged beauty and stunning sea view, the island of Santorini is also included in the top destinations for wine tourism worldwide, as it is home to some of the oldest vineyards in Europe.

The eruption of the undersea volcano changed the island’s ground dramatically and except of breathtaking geological formations, such as the Caldera and the volcano’s top emerging in the middle of the Aegean Sea, it also blessed Santorini with a soil, where special and rare wine varieties grow. Therefore, the wine types produced in this island are distinctive and unique around the world, as the ground of Santorini is a fresh mixture of pumice, ash and lava.

So, if you are a wine appassionato, a wine-tour in Santorini’s vineyards would be the best idea to taste sublime, authentic wines and indigenous flavors.

Wine types and how to pair them

Asyrtiko – This dry white wine is characterized by great intensity, balance, structure and rich flavor rather than aroma. Asyrtiko is ideally paired with fresh seafood or grilled fish and roasted vegetables.

Vinsanto – Little left to say about this world famous wine. Being the second basic wine type produced in the island, Vinsanto has a sweet taste and bronze color, reminding us of its history started long before the Venetian occupation in Santorini. Pastries sweetened with syrup or honey offer a balanced combination with a sweet wine like Vinsanto, so make sure to savor both of them in a fine restaurant overlooking the cliffs of Caldera.

Mezzo – A red wine less sweet than Vinsanto. You can have it with a variety of cold meat and cheese. It’s a great choice for your romantic evenings in Santorini’s atmospheric bars and cafes at sunset.

Unique in everything, Santorini is a place where authenticity meets elegance to spoil even the most discerning visitor.

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