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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Is Love an Art?

Can we learn how to love and be loved in turn? “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”, Jelaluddin Rumi was supporting.

All beings need love; it is a phenomenon that anyone can find everywhere in nature. Love is a universal human phenomenon; we all need to love and to be loved. Are we doing it right? 

Love nowadays is demanding, disturbing and challenging. Daily routine and stress alienate the couples and complicates the communication between them. We all know how difficult is today to live unconditional love. The hard truth is that nature created the individual to continually reach out for connection and communication with others. He or she continuously strives to attain the experience of love.

But we have to confess that true love is a rare phenomenon. According to Fromm's book “Love is possible only if two persons communicate with each from the centre of their existence”.

Love means that he gives of himself, of the most precious he has, he gives his life. His joy is his love, he gives of his understanding, of his knowledge, of his humour even of his sadness. 

Experiencing love is not easy. Love is a constant challenge, it is not a resting place but a growing together place. The art of loving can stand on four essential elements: respect, care, responsibility and knowledge. The art of love can surpass a simple romantic or sentimental love. That kind of love exceeds enthusiasms and egoism. In the art of love our emotional defences are disarmed, we are vulnerable to the other and we are totally exposed to the other's needs.

Loving like an art means unconditional care, concert and total devotion. But this unsatisfied craving has to be light. This is the difficult part. Is there an end for love? The answer is yours. We will end up with a quote:

“There is a place where love begins and a place where love ends – and love asks nothing.”

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