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Friday, January 31, 2014

Must-see attractions in Athens

When it comes to classic attractions in Greece, Athens leaves most cities in the shade. The city’s ancient sights haven’t faded over all these years, despite the sun baking the Acropolis’ high, stony hill. Start your tour at the famous Acropolis Museum.

The museum is a modern archaeological wonder, with icons and remnants from centuries of history. And although an unlikely lunch spot, its absurdly good value is a temptation for tourists and Athenians alike. From there, it’s a quick visit to the Acropolis of Athens, which showcases the ancient rocks that came to represent the birthplace of democracy. Why not pass through the olive groves of the lower slopes, heading towards its marble crown and pass through the Propylaia gateway. There you’ll find a treasure trove in the form of the Athena Nike, the Erechteion and the Parthenon.

Take a walk to the nearby Kallimarmaro Stadium. Built in 330 BC it is significant as it hosted the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. The quick tour of the stadium offers superb views and an insight into one of the world’s oldest sporting competitions. Of all Athens' ruins, the famed marketplace of the Agora (market) makes for one of the most fitting element of you sightseeing and stands testament to Athens' status as a cradle of Western civilization. Among the site's extensive excavations you'll find temples, a concert hall and long, colonnaded arcades. Next to the Agora is the beautiful 19th century neighbourhood of Anafiotika, which is a real slice of Athenian life. Dive into Athens’ arts, culture and design hub at the Benaki Museum, one of the most talked about in the city. While you are there, it’s a short walk to Athens highest sport; Lycabettus Hill. It stands above Athens and offers a clear view across the Attica region and the Aegean Sea. You can't leave Athens without visiting Monastiraki and its flea market. Go for a walk, soak up the atmosphere and you might even find a bargain or two for good measure.

Take an Athens city tour and see the famous sites, discover more about this great city with our recommendations.

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