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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dreamy wedding in Agistri island

Are you getting married and you are looking for the ideal place to make your marriage? You are dreaming this unique moment in a romantic landscape and everything will be planned to the last detail. Among the different places you will have in your mind from Greece you may add Agistri Island in your list. You may wonder why Agistri Island?
Last summer it happened to have my first meeting with the place due to my cousin’s wedding in Agistri. My first experience of the island was really amazing. Everything was perfect planned not only the ceremony but also the reception. My cousin always wanted to have a romantic wedding in a beautiful small island. So, she met her future husband in Agistri Island and they decided to get married in the beautiful island of Saronic Gulf.

The distance from Athens city was less than an hour by flying dolphin from Piraeus Port. Arriving at the small port you can see how small and picturesque the island is. Locals led us to the hotel where the wedding will happen, which was located next to Skala.

The ceremony was explicit the couple seem happy and everything was as they have planned for this dreamy moment. The place was beautiful with good traditional food and music that we had fun till late at night. Many beautiful scenes are overwhelming my mind such as the drinks, laughs, dancing all night – everything was perfect in magic place by the sea.

Agistri Island is one of the last places that are well kept “innocent” from crowded beaches and many tourists but it keeps its natural beauty in abundance. Thus, we enjoyed our weekend in Agistri exploring the island having tour to the clean sandy beaches and the green villages. The truth is that I was not expected so much from this small island. I highly recommend it for family holidays plus it’s a beautiful place for a wedding by the sea.


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