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Friday, October 4, 2013

Menu dégustation

by Chef Dimitris Pamporis

When I first saw those plates, I wanted to take a brush and start painting again. The colors, the compositions, the shapes… I kind of felt the same surprise which I used to feel during an art history lesson… pleasant surprise and familiarity in the same time: two elements present during this menu dégustation, that Chef Dimitris Pamporis designed for the Apocalypsis Restaurant of the Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel and was kind enough to share with us.

I have no idea how a food writer would describe such wonderful plates, but the words imaginative, creative and epicurean delicious keep coming to my mind. So, what do we see in the photographs? Voilà, the five plates of this Greek, elegant, Mediterranean inspired menu:

Rack of tender lamb with a crust of Mironia aromatic herbs, a briam of red Florinis peppers, Sifnos style chickpeas, caramelized baby shallots and red wine gravy. Chicken Pastitsada and pasta boiled in chicken broth, Prosciutto, asparagus, chicken gravy and tomato oil. Sea bas with garlic – beetroot dip, bottarga croquette and citrus fruit oil with fresh vanilla. Prawns’ tartar with fresh herbs and tsipouro, homemade pickled vegetables and fish roe mayonnaise perfumed with cuttlefish ink. Pork with Maxim Potatoes, celery rout purée with tonga bean, pork popcorn and a Sofrito sauce. Greek modern cuisine by Chef Dimitris Pamporis, a visionary man from the North of Greece that has the experience of working in some quite prestigious kitchens -like the one of the Auberge de l’ Ill- and who always finds creative ways to use the purest local products. The last three years, while working as the Executive Chef of the Apocalypsis Restaurant, he finds great inspiration in the serenity of the island of Patmos.

Source: Aegeanpan

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