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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Top Canary Islands, what to see in each of them

Canary Islands as sun kissed throughout the year and this makes them an ideal destination for tourists from all over the world. Their family-friendly beaches are also expansive and there is a lot to engage during the day and at night. However, each of these Spanish Canaries boasts of its uniqueness and you should therefore take time to consider your activities of choice to help you pick the right destination for you and your family. Here is a look at some of the most popular among them and what they have to offer:


Tenerife is an amazing destination no matter what you are looking for. It is the most popular of all Canaries and boasts of seniority as far as size is concerned. It has amazing tourist infrastructure ranging from natural parks to ancient architectural attractions. Animal lovers will find the wildlife, birds and walking trails to be irresistible while mountain climbers will also fall in love with Mount Teide which is the highest peak in Spain and is located in Parque Nacional del Teide. There is also a wealth of watersports ranging from diving to parasailing to snorkeling among others.


The Canary is perfect if you are a beach lover. It boasts of 150 gorgeous beaches stretching all the way along the 340 km coastline. The Island is quiet with black sand and white sand beaches and offers an ideal atmosphere for deep cove exploration while snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. Dune jumping, windsurfing and surfing are also common activities in Baku Euro Waterpark, Caleta de Fuste and Corralejo.


This Island has been nicknamed as the “Hawaii Island of Europe. It is reputed for its unadulterated lunar-like landscapes and black sandy beaches. Many films have been acted capturing the vistas surrounding Timanfaya Park which is completely cooked by the volcanic heat emanating from below. Papagayo beaches are some of the best and golden beaches in the Canary Islands. It is also famous for surfing due to the voracious waves on the northern side. Some of the hotspots for tourists include Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise, and Playa Blanca

Gran Canaria

This Canary is well known as the hiking and biking hotspot. It offers multiple landscapes and has unique microclimates with Las Palmas, its capital offering a vibrant nightlife for those who like night outs. Gran Canaria has over 500 beaches and watersport lovers will appreciate engaging in activities such as hiking and surfing. You can also walk through mountains, cave villages and lakes as you enjoy plenty of fauna and flora.

La Gomera

This is a green, unexplored delightful island but also the second smallest of all the Canary Islands. It is home to La Garajonay National Park and Valle Gran Rey which is a great tourist resort with incredible hiking trails. Walkers and hikers will love exploring its lush Laurisilva forest which is an ancient subtropical forest.

There are other islands such as El Hierro (wonderful for great diving and paragliding experiences), Roque del Oeste and La Graciosa among others.

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