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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday blues

Another weekend is almost over: it’s funny how the sunset colors on a Sunday, can awake all sorts of -I don’t want to go to school tomorrow-memories.

It’s also the end of October and it is starting to get a little chilly here at the islands. You can’t go out at night without a light jacket and a scarf.

A few minutes ago, the Blue Star boat left, taking with it the Aegean island musicians that came to Paros this weekend for their annual Cycladic gathering and jamming.

I think I can still hear the tsambounes and toubakia accompanying some of the best local dancers, which always seem to make their appearance after the August tourists have left. I cannot describe this music. It feels as it is coming straight from a Dionysian antiquity; it gives me chills! Now the music is over, and the island seems strangely silent. The Blue Star boat looks smaller and smaller, soon it will be a dot on the horizon. There is a farewell hidden in every evening you spend by the port, even if no one you know is leaving.

Source: Aegeanpan

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