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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Shipwreck - blue caves: a dream to live in Zante

By visiting Zakynthos Island you have to complete your holidays with your visit to the most visited and most beautiful places the magical Blue Caves and the famous Shipwreck in its beach.

The story of Shipwreck is from 1980’s when a freight that carried illegal cigarettes was getting by storm and hit in the rocks of the cliffs so it is till today abandoned in the beach.

The deep sea left the remains of the ship on this beach. With the years passing the ship can be seen in the middle of the large white sandy beach which has amazing turquoise and crystal clean waters. The beach since then was named “Navagio” or “Shipwreck”. Navagio beach is the trademark of the island and is one of the most photographed places in Greece. To reach this paradise, you have to take a boat from the small port of Porto Vromi. Those taxi-boats are leaving every hour and the trip lasts about 30 minutes. You can also have a view atop by reaching the wreck by your car. One can see the shipwreck by boat taking an island tour. In the west side of Zakynthos are also located the Blue Caves or “Volimes”, the picturesque village where they are located. A wild place, difficult to reach, only by sea. The beauty of the blue caves didn’t let Greeks down to explore them each month of the year and especially many times per day. The most distinctive element of the blue caves is their reflection of the blue waters in them which simultaneously capture the shine by the sun and the sky and reflection come up to the sea’s surface. This reflection creates a magical atmosphere that is better appreciated at sunrise or sunset. If you like diving the blue caves are the perfect choice for those who want to explore the sea. Maistrali highly recommends to visit this marvelous scenery and this will make your trip a once-in-life unforgettable experience. No matter with whom you are accompanied in your trip, the most inseparable friend during your visit to blue caves of Zakynthos Island is a good digital camera. For those who do not like diving, this small trip is a good excuse to sail, as well as to get away from the city madness and enjoy the wonderful place with stunning places. Find in these lists the best beaches and attractions in Zante!

Source: Maistrali Hotel & Apartments Zakynthos

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